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2015 Archive

The SEO Component You’re Likely Missing
No SEO or web marketing campaign is complete without social media marketing. In fact, we are entering an age where SEO cannot succeed without a solid social media/content strategy in place with active online engagement. Social media provides a great opportunity to engage with your audience and deliver value, information and positive brand messaging to...
Date: 2016-03-24
Facebook Updates Video Metrics in Page Insights
Facebook announced about rolling out a redesigned video metrics interface in Page Insights. Based on the publishers’ feedback, some new metrics have been added and it is now easier for the publishers to see important video metrics from the previous interface for Page Insights. Below is the old layout This is how the redesigned interface...
Date: 2016-02-22
Google Launches New Optimization Tab in the AdSense
Google announced the launch of a new optimization tab in the AdSense interface, which appears at the top next to the performance reports tab. The tab shows tailored tips for your site. Google calls it a “one-top shop” for all the resources that could help you increase revenue and user engagement.
Date: 2016-01-19
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