Is Facebook Meeting Your Marketing Goals?

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February 17, 2012
Do You Have Facebook Fever Or A Facebook Marketing Strategy?
By Jeff Howard
The buzz surrounding social media has always had a certain level of hype that has surprised me. These tools are in fact valuable when used with a purpose to grow your business, but lately I've noticed a disconnect between the time and effort spent on social media, and the actual benefit. I see clients diving head first into these mediums with no thought as to their business purpose on Facebook, or why they prioritized Facebook over other to-dos on their list. This post will help you audit your time spent on social media.

5 Signals Facebook Is Over-hyped

I'm seeing that some of my local business clients get 20X the traffic from Yelp over Facebook. Yelp only takes a few hours to setup, its free too. The visitors from Yelp often don't leave my client's site without browsing multiple pages.

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